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About us

Company Silbo d.o.o. was established in 1991.

It has begun import and distribution of fresh products from 2001, starting with brand Campina. At this moment our suppliers are: Campina, BMI (Paladin), AIA (Wudy), Zanetti etc.

Today, Silbo d.o.o. is a modern company that has absolut control of the goods from the moment it enters the country to the moment it is displayed on the best positions on the shelves, grouped according to the brands of fresh products.

The goods is distributed from 2 distributive centers: Belgrade and Nis using more than 200 vehicles. It has 360 employees.

In 2007 the company became owner of dairy Mlekara Mladost from Kragujevac, in central Serbia. After significant investments in technological process, enlarging capacities, buying new equipment and invests in raw materials base, distribution, redesign of packaging and initiates production of new products, the Dairy was sold to the company Meggle.

The new inwestment was made in September 2011 – Silbo becomes majority owner of the candy factory Paracinka from Paracin, acquiring property in the amount of 80%. The process of restructuring will include improving the quality of production, redefining the existing product range, packaging redesign, strengthening existing brands, changing models of distribution and sales of products which will all contribute to the achievement of future business plans.