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BMI is one of the leading companies in the German dairy industry, with a tradition of over 60 years. It deals with the processing of natural fresh milk into the best quality dairy products, which is due to the long-standing cooperation with the best farms and dairies.

The factories are in the immediate vicinity of farms and dairies, so fast transport allows the milk to retain the maximum of valuable nutrients.

High-tech production processes, compliance with hygiene standards and constant quality control guarantee the best quality of milk produced by BMI products. Whether it's fresh dairy products or cheeses, BMI makes sure that they are always tasty, natural and healthy.


Paladin is a brand within the company BMI, which includes cheeses and fresh dairy products that have been synonymous with Bavarian quality for more than 40 years.

Paladin products are traditionally sold mainly in Northern Bavaria. This brand is leading in the Nuremberg region, but it is also well known throughout Europe.