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Healthy diet, tasty life

VIOTROS S.A., is the largest Greek manufacturing company that produces and packages processed cheeses and alternative dairy products that are based on vegetable fat. It holds a leading position in the European Market.

Viotros is active in more than 30 countries holding a large portion of Greece’s export capacity in food sector. Its dynamic development is based on the continuous design of new and innovative products either for the end consumer with VIOTROS brands or for other professionals in the international market of foodservice or the private label development.

Viotros products are made from pure vegetable fat, which unlike animal fat, have realy low content of cholesterol an trans fat.

The special part of VIOTROS assortment are delicious VIOLIFE dairy-free cheeses that won a planty of awards for the top quality vegan food products.


Vision: To promote healthy diet through our brands to all consumers worldwide, offering innovative dairy and non dairy cheese products with whole taste.