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AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, belongs to the Veronesi Group and is one of the top companies in Europe for the production and sale of fresh chicken, turkey, pork and rabbit, both whole and ready portioned, as well as eggs and a wide range of gourmet specialities and sliced poultry products.

AIA’s winning features are quality and outstanding service, with practical, innovative, original products that boast fresh, genuine ingredients, with the accent on lightness and mouth-watering flavour: perfect for today’s market, where time to spend in the kitchen diminishes as the demand for quality food rises.

AIA products come from a pool of livestock farms comprising around 1500 breeders and 15 production facilities. Taking into account the staff, the breeds, the hauliers and the agents operating throughout the country, the number of people involved in the company’s activities total around 10,000.

WUDY AIA, the first chicken and turkey frankfurter, market leader for years now.

A huge assortment of formats and specialties to suit all tastes and perfect for any occasion: choose the classic chicken-turkey variety or the versions filled with cheese.

The quality of the meats used and its fun, versatile nature make WUDY the perfect ally in today’s diet.