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A successful brand for quality products from soybean JOYA produces the highest quality soy products since 2004. These are products that are attracting more attention in the retail supply chain worldwide.

Adequate air is the main prerequisite for successful treatment of soybeans. Province of Burgenland in Austria with its not too hot and not too cold northern climate is most suitable area for growing soybeans. For JOYA products are used only soybeans grown in Austria, where the cultivation of soybeans is in harmony with nature.

Partnerships with selected farmers and frequent controls of the farms and acreage guarantee that only absolutely GMO-free soy beans are being used for the basis of JOYA products.

Soy products are an excellent solution for a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially for those who care about proper nutrition.

You’ll be surprised at the richness of taste of these products which make each delicious meal a healthy meal.