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Kaserei Champignon

Five hundred liters of milk and a good idea - in 1908, the German company Kaserei Champignon, a small family dairy company, is today one of the leaders in the dairy market and successfully operates in over 50 countries around the world.

More than a hundred years of existence has shaped the basic standards of Kaserei Champignon quality: the selection and processing of the best domestic raw materials, selection of milk from a controlled environment, rejection of all additives in the production process, preservation of traditional methods of work and respect of the time required to ripen cheese.

Thanks to the Silbo company, Kaserei Champignon brings our consumers into the empire of magnificent cheese, from mature and aromatic, to mild and creamy, promising gourmet adventure in every bite.

Kaserei Champignon family of cheese includes Rougette, Cambozola, Crem d'or, Camembert, Brie, Dorblu, Illertaler, Montagnolo, as well as snack cheese for quick and warm sandwiches.