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At the end 20 of the last century „Paracinka“ was the official supplier of the royal family Karadjordjevic. Ever since, work and efforts of many generations has done everything to preserve the quality of products and justify the tradition.

In the mid 60-ies the company quickly developed and grew into an industrial company with more modern technology, with continuous innovation. „Paracinka“ began with the production of chewing gum in many shapes and sizes and which still manufactures and sells as the only domestic producer.

In the late 80-ies, „Paracinka“ was among the first companies that have transformed into joint stock companies – included the majority of workers in the shareholders.

Along with the achievement of business results, Paracinka has an active relationship in support of various aspects of cultural, sporting and educational activities in the municipality as well as a number of humanitarian activities.

Since September 5 2011 company „Silbo“ d.o.o. Belgrade became the majority owner off A.D. „Paracinka“ Paracin and acquired property in the amount of 80%.

„Paracinka“ owns 33.58% property of chocolate factory A.D. „Cokolend“ from Paracin.