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On the hill – lookout above the village Gaiole, in the middle of Chianti area, in the heart of Tuscany, the land named Capannelle is situated. Unusually vineyard – winery estate, designed so that one side has the ideal conditions for producing great wines, and on the other – that at any moment it may be the ultimate way to welcome the lovers of that wine.

Winery and beautiful holiday home, situated in a luxurious Italian – English garden, which is surrounded by sea of vineyards under sangiovese wine. The cellar is dug deep into the limestone rock, which has an entire wall exposed so it could provide optimal humidity for aging of wine. At the bottom of the basement is located unique safe for wine storage, unique in the world, made by cutting edge technology, which provides absolutely perfect conditions for storing wine for a long time. And, all around this property, in plain view, you can see the vineyards where the Capannelle prestigious wines are being made.

Winemaking philosophy is based on the simple idea that wine is being made in the vineyard, the harvest determines the quality and yield and that for wine making only the best wine grapes are chosen. When they are not the best – there is no wine.