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Corte Buona

Cortebuona brand originated in the early 90s and is a part of Cremonini Group, a giant in the food industry, not only in Italy but worldwide.

Corte Buona logoSince it was founded, Cortebuona name evokes a wholesome, rural world that produces quality cold meats, because they are prepared according to age-old traditions. Cortebuona is also a reassuring world, where the most modern food technologies, the innovations, and the constant investment in R & D are in the service of tradition, to create products with outstanding sensory and microbiological properties. Thanks to the strategic geographical location of its manufacturing facilities, Cortebuona is able to offer the broadest range of products of Italian charcuterie, safeguarding the pork product specialties with Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication. Cortebuona operates in Italy with 4 production plants. The presence in the traditional areas of production constitutes the real strength of Cortebuona, which is thus able to maintain a strong connection with the culture, the territory, the traditional recipes, and the know-how of the local masters.