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Warehouse complex

Silbo Logistics has a warehouse complex with 20,000 pallets located at 15,000m2 in the central distribution center in Belgrade and a network of cross-docking platforms on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The complex possesses the IFS Logistics certificate, a veterinary number, is registered for reexport and export to CEFTA countries, it has the latest generation of storage information system (WMS, Warehouse Management System) and storage capacity of food products in three different temperature regimes. There is a procedure for registering warehouses for reexport and export of goods to EU countries.

In addition to storage for the needs of our home, we offer our clients a full range of warehouse services:

Storage of goods in transport packaging or bulk;
Manipulation of goods by including them in further transport, production, distribution or consumption;
Commodity of goods that includes all activities that accompany the separation of the required assortment by type and quantity through parcel or commodity ordering;
Declaration of goods representing the process of identification (marking) of goods for further distribution. With the acquired technologies and methodologies, we are able to perform service printing of the declarations according to the previously provided information from the client (in close cooperation with SILBO marketing sector) or the labeling service (gluing) of already printed and submitted declarations by the client;
Repacking of goods through which we prepare goods for distribution in the desired and necessary way. Our methodologies are applicable in cases of promotional repacking (e.g. 2 + 1 gratis), connecting two different items (e.g. 1 + 1) for sales actions, shaping a new item from several existing products, as well as for cases of packing goods arrived in containers on pallets or repacking of goods from inadequate (broken) or inadequate (non-EUR) pallets to eligible formats.

Each stage in all storage and warehouse processes is controlled by a WMS information system that allows planning and optimizing the utilization of warehouse space, monitoring the movement of goods through integrated barcode scanners, transparency and availability of information, and reporting with analysts.