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Caffe Vergnano

Caffe Vergnano logo

Today, Caffe Vergnano is a coffee with a long, prestigious tradition that produces top quality in the fifth generation through creativity and innovation. The coffee beans are grown on plantations around the world, the automated production plant has the highest level of quality control in which the coffee is fried in a slow traditional manner, and the result is a product that is exported raw in 19 countries. Caffe Vergnano is consumed in 1882 stores in over 70 countries in Europe and in the world.

The Silbo brand representation of the Caffe Vergnano allows our fellow citizens to build their own "coffee shop" in their apartments and at work. In our offer you can find genuine Italian instant coffee makers that are compatible with capsules from other world manufacturers as well as five flavors of original coffee (Cremoso, Decaf, Intenso, Crema and Classico).