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Founded in 1950 as a small family farm for the processing of frozen potato products, Lamb Weston is today one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Innovative approach to each business segment has ensured the continuous growth and spread of Lamb Weston to the markets of Europe and Asia, while safety of production, material quality, preservation of natural resources and constant investment are the premises that the company relies on from the first day.

In production, not only state-of-the-art but also revolutionary technologies are applied in which the highest quality ingredients - such as the best potatoes, rich spices and purest vegetable oils - are shaped into recognizable and quality products.

Via Silbo brand representation, Lamb Weston products are available to our consumers in a wide range of potato products such as Premium Class Fries, A Class Fries, and frozen potatoes of various shapes and flavors, ideal for a quick and nutritious meal for the entire family.